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suggested length: 1 year part time study


the creative editing course (elearning) from inside the edit is the industry’s first professional level editing course that concentrates solely on the art form of editing and not learning the software. it is used by many of the world’s largest broadcasters to train their staff up to the elite level needed at the very top of the industry.

inside the edit takes students through hundreds of creative techniques, structural theories and stylization principles that pro editors use every day, from the very basic to the highly advanced. the creative editing course teaches how to think like an editor, that magic ability to take raw footage and craft it into something that can be watched by millions of people.

students are guided through a carefully structured set of tutorials and then set creative tasks to practice and sharpen their skills as their abilities grow. each tutorial is a mixture of editing theory, rough cut analysis and live demos of a pro editor cutting scenes.

every student is supplied with a complete set of uncut footage from a primetime level documentary (35 hours) as well as music tracks from universal production music library which they are free to use on their website, youtube or vimeo channel in order to expand their showreel (noncommercial usage only). also supplied are director’s notes, footage logs, interview transcripts and all the creative data found in a professional edit suite.

by the end of the course students will be able to edit in multiple genres at a professional level.


this course is designed for:

  • editors
  • assistant editors
  • multimedia producers
  • preditors
  • videographers
  • camera operators
  • directors


  • the basic ability to mark clips, edit onto the timeline and trim in any editing software


  • how to organize footage for maximum creativity
  • how to structure scenes
  • creating the perfect narrative arc
  • journalistic structuring of the sync
  • beginning and ending scenes
  • crafting the tone of the scene
  • breaking down b roll
  • understanding shot flow
  • illustrative vs sequential b roll
  • creating off screen time
  • understanding continuity
  • connecting sync to pictures
  • visual symbolism and metaphorical connections
  • in vision vs out of vision picture placement
  • creating space: dramatic temporal adjustments
  • compression and decompression of time
  • reality: cutting actuality footage
  • underlying & gelling
  • journalistic compression vs geography
  • finding & fixing corrective errors
  • intercutting
  • creating professional sync
  • hiding everyday problems
  • basic & advanced according techniques
  • montage editing
  • fine cutting

sample the course:


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