transform business models

digitizatization, the fourth industrial revolution, has created a ‘perfect storm’ of growing demands and increased complexity for media enterprises.

  • consumers want content everywhere, at any time and on any device
  • industry disruption is constant and accelerating
  • market fragmentation is high

to effectively compete, broadcasters need to:

accelerate workflows

reduce costs

build business agility

avid in the cloud can help you do it all with:

  • cloud-enabled tools and platforms
  • cloud-fueled workflows
  • on demand cloud services and solutions

anyone—from aspiring artists to global media organizations—can benefit from the efficiency, flexibility and elasticity of the cloud. typical customer results include:

workflow efficiency gain
decrease in time to market
infrastructure efficiency gained
collaboration increase

learn more with this white paper, which addresses:

  • what the cloud is and how it works
  • why cloud matters to the media enterprise
  • how to migrate to the cloud
  • the avid perspective

read the white paper

leading the way to the cloud

avid's preferred cloud-hosting platform is microsoft azure.

  • microsoft is the world’s top cloud computing vendor with unrivaled global reach and proven security
  • avid is the preferred platform for comprehensive media workflows
  • together, we bring game-changing innovation to the industry

avid chose microsoft as a strategic cloud partner because we have very similar philosophies about the role cloud will play in media and entertainment. also, microsoft azure perfectly complements our unique cloud offerings as well as our customers’ current needs and preferences.

avid -世爵用户注册

  • open media workflow platform
  • end-to-end workflows
  • complete deployment flexibility
  • cloud alliance partners
  • software-defined, tiered storage
  • singular focus on media and entertainment

  • open cloud platform & strong partnerships
  • global scale
  • high-level services
  • unique hybrid cloud strategy
  • most trusted and secure cloud
  • dedicated team for media and entertainment

our mutual goal is to deliver innovative cloud workflows, services and solutions that enable operational agility and efficiency with flexible business terms.

modernize your media workflow and your business

the ibc says, “production, management and video transport are moving to the cloud this year.” avid and microsoft are ready to take you there with several workflow solutions that are available today. these solutions can help you:

  • significantly accelerate content creation
  • easily accommodate spikes in workloads
  • lower total cost of ownership

the following end-to-end workflows are enabled by avid mediacentral and microsoft azure. because they’re based on these open platforms, enterprises have complete deployment flexibility. workflows can be deployed:

  • on premises
  • in a private or public cloud
  • in a hybrid cloud

video post workflow

modern-day post production is more challenging than it’s ever been. the move to uhd resolutions and hdr has resulted in higher bitrate footage, requiring a larger storage footprint and higher performance than at any point in history. streamlined asset management is now mission-critical. avid’s end-to-end editorial management workflow on microsoft azure makes media management easy with:

  • unified content libraries
  • structured managed workflows
  • streamlined distribution
  • online-, nearline- and archive storage

news production workflow

moving news production to the cloud addresses some of the biggest challenges news networks face today. avid’s end-to-end news workflow on microsoft azure covers everything from information gathering to multi platform delivery. now, news networks can deliver more news across more platforms with fewer resources. they can:

  • virtualize news-gathering teams
  • share common resources across facilities
  • connect to ott distribution and social media
  • manage more incoming streams including ugc and ip
  • optimize infrastructure

learn more about the news ecosystem

sports production workflow

in a time when sports networks are competing with consumers to get content to viewers, the power of the cloud can give you a competitive edge. avid’s end-to-end sports workflow on microsoft azure accelerates production with:

  • enhanced mobility and accessibility
  • automated metadata enrichment
  • integration with distribution and social media platforms
  • tiered storage in hybrid deployments

learn more about the sports production ecosystem

delivering production capabilities on demand

with avid and microsoft azure, you can leverage everything the cloud has to offer—on demand—in a completely secure environment. production on demand means you can flexibly deploy the capabilities you need, when you need them, with high service levels, full redundancy and with:

  • no long deployment phase
  • no large capital outlay
  • no limits on scalability
  • no need to integrate or manage third-party hardware

introducing avid on demand

this powerful combination of cloud services and solutions is being developed in collaboration with microsoft. avid on demand software as a service (saas) offerings will:

increase production capacity

ease the financial burdens of content creation and distribution

leverage microservices from both avid and microsoft

avid on demand will make it possible to:

  • dynamically provision production capabilities
  • shift from a capex to an opex business model
  • leverage creative resources without geographic constraints

perhaps equally important, avid on demand will also enable new workflows, new capabilities and new opportunities. learn more about avid on demand cloud services and solutions.

many media enterprises still have a capex orientation for their fixed capacity. however, there is growing interest in opex models for variable capacity. cloud computing can reduce it overhead by up to 40%. it can also…

  • accelerate project turnaround to meet consumer demands
  • rapidly scale on demand to handle spikes in workload
  • store massive amounts of data and efficiently manage it throughout the value chain
  • analyze data in real-time for faster insights into operations, markets and customers
  • deliver innovative and differentiating new services

if you’re on the avid mediacentral platform, you will be able to configure avid on demand services and solutions to augment any workflow need. use the power of avid on demand on the microsoft azure cloud to accelerate virtually every aspect of media creation, distribution and monetization.

make the most of your media with avid & microsoft
cloud demo at the nab show


avid & microsoft: partnering to move the media industry to the cloud
story of our partnership

the journey to cloud has begun

while cloud can be deployed in a number of ways, avid’s customers have told us that hybrid cloud deployment is important to them. they want:

  • deployment flexibility to move workflows to the cloud how and when they want
  • investment protection in existing infrastructure and applications
  • the ability to leverage the benefits of more agile, secure and scalable cloud services and solutions

avid and microsoft give media enterprises the freedom to choose the path and pace to the cloud. avid running on microsoft azure will enhance and accelerate media supply chains, so enterprises can:

  • keep up with ever-evolving business demands
  • more easily support multi-format creation
  • accommodate distributed workflows
  • gain a competitive edge in an ever-changing environment
  • do it all with very appealing economics

adapt to new trends. adopt new technologies. adjust to changing market conditions. start your journey to the cloud today.

understanding your cloud options

the says, “migrating broadcasting operations to private clouds is increasingly popular, but the future may lie with microservices and the public cloud, according to the big broadcasting vendors.” if you’re like the vast majority of organizations and still searching for an effective migration strategy, it’s important to understand your options and the pros and cons of each deployment model.

  • public cloud
    owned by the cloud provider who “rents” computing resources to multiple customers at the same time.
  • private cloud
    service is controlled and exclusive to the user. the cloud can be owned by the company, a third-party vendor or a combination of the two. private clouds can be located on- or off-premises.
  • hybrid cloud
    this deployment model consists of two or more cloud environments, most commonly private and public clouds. workloads move between the two clouds.
  • managed services
    outsourced management of applications to managed service providers.

most experts agree that the m&e industry will likely adopt hybrid cloud models that can accommodate distributed workflows while lowering total cost of ownership.

on-premises vs. managed services vs. cloud

picking the perfect cloud partner

industry analyst frost & sullivan says, “the constant pressure to decrease it budgets and invest resources in generating high-quality, creative content is driving media companies globally to adopt cloud solutions.”

the journey to the cloud has begun. today, cloud-based deployments are delivering:

  • increased utilization of tools and services
  • reduced manual labor through cloud-based automation
  • advanced collaboration for shorter time-to-market
  • flexibility and scalability for “follow-the-sun” work distribution
  • enhanced enterprise-grade security

with microsoft azure, our preferred cloud-hosting platform, avid is ready to help you use the cloud to quickly adapt to new trends, adopt new technologies and adjust to changing market conditions. we can help you:

  • develop a roadmap to accomplish the changes required to meet your target cloud maturity level.
  • develop focused investment initiatives for achieving targeted capabilities.
  • steer priorities toward enabling cloud service usage and adoption.
  • increase cloud maturity and service success.
  • maximize your potential to achieve expected cloud benefits.

ready to take the next step?

our cloud maturity overview and self-assessment will help you:

understand the different dimensions that constitute cloud maturity

define goals and evaluate a corresponding cloud strategy

determine maturity levels required for enabling specific cloud use cases

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