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accelerate your mix

mix music projects and sound for picture with greater speed and ease than a mouse. with artist mix, you have eight high-quality faders, eight knobs, transport controls, and multiple dedicated switches that provide precision control over your favorite eucon-enabled audio and video applications. get fast access to a variety of software functions right from the surface—with excellent visual feedback—all in a compact footprint that fits perfectly between your keyboard and screen. plus, it pairs perfectly with avid dock and the avid control app to extend your workflow further.

avid s1 is now available—get the hands-on precision of a tactile controller combined with the touchscreen workflows of avid control in a new slimline control surface that delivers unparalleled mixing speed and visual feedback. get the details

product highlights

  • select tracks with a touch
  • control plugins, eq, and more
  • get detailed feedback
  • artist mix features eight touch-sensitive faders, enabling you to call attention to a track in the software by simply touching a fader. used in combination with the bank and nudge keys, you can navigate large mixes quickly, without clicking through your software. you can also record-enable, mute, solo, and assign tracks right from the surface. in addition, the mute and solo keys do double duty as transport control keys too.

  • the eight touch-sensitive knobs at the top of the surface can be used to control multiple functions. in normal mode, use the knobs to pan tracks. in channel mode, the knobs can be used to adjust individual parameters for plugins, eq, dynamics, aux sends, vca groups, and more. you can even flip control from the knobs to the faders, providing an alternative way of adjusting parameters for things like a graphic eq.

  • view track information, status, and feedback for each fader strip through eight oled screens. each display shows the track’s name and name of the parameter currently assigned to the knob, along with a graphical display of the parameter setting. plus, you can view meters (clip, peak, and normal) for mono, stereo, or surround tracks, as well as the track’s automation mode.

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