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break news first on every platform

mediacentral offers the tools, asset management, workflow integration, and remote collaboration you need to break stories online, on mobile devices, on social media, and on air. from gathering information and creating stories, to building your audience and monetizing content across multiple digital platforms, it boosts your news team’s efficiency—whether in the field or at the station—like no other.

the ultimate newsroom management solution

work simply

with mediacentral | newsroom management powering your workflow, journalists, producers, editors, and other contributors can access all the tools they need to do their jobs from a single interface. whether searching for media, editing sequences, or publishing content, mediacentral  delivers the same intuitive user experience across all devices, reducing training needs and costs.

integrate directly with nrcs—new

mediacentral can be used with enps and octopus newsroom solutions, enabling you to work with the systems you already have while enabling remote collaboration to speed content production and delivery to broadcast and digital outlets. add avid nexis, maestro solutions, and fastserve to take further advantage of the workflow acceleration and experience the most efficient end-to-end newsroom solution—without changing your nrcs.

cover the story—wherever it happens

with the new and journalists and producers can view assignments, capture video, create and edit sequences, and deliver stories from anywhere. right from a web browser on their laptop or the on their ios or android device. it’s a great way to leverage remote reporters in your news coverage.

turn around breaking news fast

with tight integration to fastserve video servers and avid nexis shared storage, teams can log and edit footage as it’s being ingested for near-real-time playout—even at uhd resolutions. as video from satellite feeds, cameras, mobile devices, and other sources come in fast and furious, the footage is made available immediately to teams across your mediacentral platform. you can even archive content directly from fastserve | playout.

enable global collaboration

mediacentral enables up to six newsroom and production sites to connect and share content as if you’re all working together in the same facility. collaborate with sister stations and other affiliates to combine resources, and play media across multiple sites, create stories, and access rundowns and scripts—no matter where teams and assets are located—empowering better storytelling.

shorten your time to air and archive

with the rundown app, you can view and edit queues, edit and archive stories, and make other changes to rundowns—even during the live broadcast—for more agile show production. add  and you can archive and restore stories to and from the library in multiple resolutions. you can even trigger the archive of a story, including all associated media and sequences, from the rundown app.

publish stories first across digital

boost your brand, beat the competition, and expand your monetization opportunities by being the first to publish breaking news across multiple digital platforms. with , powered by wildmoka, you can create platform-tailored content quickly and publish it with a click. all transcoding, content staging, and publishing is automated, so teams can focus on creating content that drives traffic and revenue.

connect editors to your media

mediacentral directly integrates with media composer and enabling editors to collaborate, browse, and access your mediacentral-managed content—all without leaving their application window.

expedite news and viewpoint gathering

integrate mediacentral with and you can round up and integrate content from twitter, facebook, youtube, and other social media channels, newswires, and news aggregators to jumpstart story creation and present different viewpoints. monitor and prioritize incoming feeds, insert user-generated content, and filter out the noise, so you can get to the real story of what’s trending.

enhance stories with real-time graphics

mediacentral integrates directly with maestro graphics solutions, speeding up the story creation process. easily search for and access content and templates from maestro | designer, maestro | news, maestro | live, and maestro | powerwall right from within mediacentral. drag and drop assets directly into story segments. and quickly publish content to social media and other digital outlets with support for embedded (burned-in) graphics.

get the utmost performance and reliability

mediacentral provides the system security and robustness you need for round-the-clock operation. even if a server becomes unavailable, it delivers uninterrupted operation, as all system data is mirrored between multiple servers for the highest level of reliability. and because mediacentral can be managed and secured remotely using a web interface, it simplifies systems administration at the server level, supporting a thin client architecture.

preserve your data when you upgrade

got an older interplay or inews system? migrate to mediacentral and not only will you enjoy the greater workflow efficiency, collaboration, and operational ease it brings, all of your media and metadata can be carried over to the new platform, so your team’s entire volume of hard work won’t go to waste.

and we’ll help you get started


configure mediacentral for your needs

design your own newsroom platform

mediacentral can be tailored and scaled to work for any size news organization. just add apps and services to enable the capabilities you need to empower your team—from phonetic search, story planning, research, and advanced editing, to news graphics, rundown management, , and multiplatform distribution. see how you can streamline your operation and extend your news coverage and collaboration globally—.

see all avid news production solutions 

connect your entire newsroom

mediacentral seamlessly integrates with a wide array of third-party systems, enabling you to bridge workflows and streamline your entire operation. by leveraging our connectivity toolkit media suite apis, you can connect video servers, editing workstations, graphics systems, teleprompters, and other newsroom solutions to your platform.

tailor the interface for any role

journalist. producer. logger. editor. writer. social media manager. no matter the job title, you can configure the newsroom management software interface for any production role to streamline their workflow. provide only the tools and functions needed for them to complete their work, removing the clutter, so they stay better focused.

integrate with mos and activex devices

mediacentral fully supports the mos (media object server) protocol, which is widely used across broadcast journalism, enabling communication between newsroom systems and controlled broadcast devices such as media servers. it also supports activex controls, providing tght integration with such connected systems.

extend production to the cloud

mediacentral provides an easy onramp to the microsoft azure cloud, enabling you to transition production at your own pace. in the way that best suits your business—on premises, in a private data center, public cloud, or with a hybrid model. take advantage of microsoft’s cognitive services to leverage its ai, speech-to-text, and machine learning capabilities, enabling you to automate metadata tagging across your current and historical content, accurately and at scale. plus, with support for media analytics, you gain deeper search capabilities across archived content.

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