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your studio centerpiece

bring creative efficiency to your studio with powerful i/o, monitoring, and routing capabilities in an all-in-one audio interface. pro tools | mtrx studio simplifies your signal flow, providing connections to all your gear. route any input to any output. customize monitor profiles with integrated speaker tuning. outfit any room in your facility for dolby atmos mixing. and get ultra-low latency monitoring when tracking and mixing with pro tools | hdx or hd native. 



simplify and extend your workflow with pro tools | mtrx studio


discover the advantages and what you can do with mtrx studio

connect your entire studio

get ample analog and digital connectivity—including dante, digilink, and adat—to connect your outboard gear, mics, speakers, and more. consolidate multiple devices, declutter your signal chain, and save rack space with a versatile audio solution that extends your workflow possibilities.

get premium sound, built in partnership with dad

with digital audio denmark’s precision audio converters and mic preamps, you can capture and hear every vocal, instrument, and sound performance in great detail. plus, get ultra-low latency when tracking with pro tools | hdx or hd native, enabling artists to perform at their best.  

take full monitor control

no need for a separate monitor controller. mtrx studio covers this and your signal routing needs. create monitor profiles and fold-downs to speed up your workflow. and toggle between multiple speaker sets directly from the included dadman software or your avid control surface.

optimize your monitoring environment

with speaker calibration built directly into the interface—the same spq speaker processing technology available as an option for pro tools | mtrx—you can tune your room for any session format. easily transition between music and audio post production—from mono to immersive audio.

mix and monitor dolby atmos in any room

have the i/o channels, speaker processing, and monitoring control you need to support 7.1.4 and larger setups for dolby atmos mixing. quickly calibrate speakers and tune any size and shape room to ensure an accurate monitoring environment, so you can mix with confidence.

route audio extensively

with 64 channels of dante, plus the 512 x 512 matrix in dadman, you can route any mtrx studio input to any output, expanding your workflow possibilities. create easy cue mixes over dante. route between connectivity formats. even send audio to multiple devices simultaneously.

take remote control of the interface

mtrx studio is eucon-enabled and delivers tight integration with pro tools | ultimate, enabling you to control all audio sources, monitoring, and routing directly from any avid control surface. it eliminates manual tasks and physical patching, keeping you in your creative flow—and in your seat.

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