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the next stage in live sound

mix and record live productions of any size with ease. avid venue | s6l delivers the unmatched processing power and sound clarity artists and engineers rely on to present the best show possible. from direct aax and waves plugin support and 128 tracks of pro tools recording, to full system modularity and 300 processing channels, the s6l unified platform gives you the mixing efficiency, creativity, and flexibility you need to meet the demands of any gig. and now with its newly expanded line of five control surfaces, three engines, and four i/o racks to choose from—with 100% hardware, software, and show file compatibility across all—it’s easy to configure and scale the perfect system for your needs.


join robb allan, robert scovill, and other top engineers as they cover a range of live sound topics

video series

in this 9-part series, marc carolan discusses mixing foh for muse and shares his key workflows and gear

live sound videos

discover how engineers around the world are using venue | s6l

product highlights

  • do more with a single solution
  • meet any live sound challenge
  • mix and record high-quality audio
  • pump up performances with massive power
  • when it comes to mixing live sound, efficiency, sound clarity, and reliability are of critical importance. avid venue | s6l is the industry’s only unified live sound platform that offers 100% software, hardware, and show file compatibility and interoperability across the entire line. it’s also the only system that offers direct waves and aax plugin control from the console to elevate mixes, and 128 tracks of built-in pro tools recording/playback with virtual soundcheck, saving hours of prep time. plus, you get three years of 24x7 priority support to ensure the show always goes on.
  • s6l delivers unrelenting performance and reliability through its advanced engine design and intelligent workflows to handle any live production. its modularity and unmatched flexibility make it easy to scale a system with your choice of five control surfaces, three engines, and four i/o racks, plus the networking options you need—including ethernet avb, dante, and madi—to meet the demands of any live sound application, on almost any budget. you can even share i/o across multiple networked systems, providing more workflow possibilities while cutting costs.

  • with its premium-grade architecture, audio engine, and high-performance preamps, s6l delivers incredible clarity, warmth, and presence throughout the signal path. it also provides the most integrated, cost-effective, and redundant pro tools recording workflow, eliminating the need for expensive audio interfaces. and it supports the same audio plugins and emulations of prized outboard gear used in countless recordings, so you can easily re-create the sound of the studio—live.

  • from large concert tours and broadway shows, to smaller club and corporate events, today’s stage productions are bigger and more complex than ever. that’s why we designed a groundbreaking engine for s6l—the venue | e6l—which combines two powerhouse technologies that work in concert together. with a state-of-the-art real-time processing engine and dedicated dsp plugin processing, you get unrivaled processing capabilities to handle an extraordinary number of channels—without the complication or stress.

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