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to stand out in today’s cutthroat broadcast environment and boost ratings, you need to engage viewers in whole new ways. with avid graphics solutions, you can entertain and enlighten audiences through powerful visual storytelling, stunning imagery, and enhancements, so they keep tuning in for more. tightly integrated with mediacentral, avid graphics solutions enable graphic artists, journalists, editors, producers, and operators to easily access and embed graphic elements into their stories for better storytelling, workflow efficiency, and production value.


get insight into xync ultra-accurate infrared camera tracking


create high end virtual environments with realism, depth, and perspective

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editing is easier than ever on this powerful platform

meeting the challenge

boost your brand and viewership through eye-catching real-time 3d graphics, timely news updates, and other compelling visual content. no matter how big or small your organization, our graphics solutions enable you to do so much more with less.

  • create timely, engaging, and immersive high-res content that enlightens and entertains
  • bring energy, excitement, and higher production value to news, sports, and entertainment shows
  • manage and distribute vast volumes of graphical content with speed, ease, and accuracy
  • increase the lifetime value of your assets by keeping them secure yet available for reuse
  • empower more impactful and collaborative storytelling across multiple channels
  • easily find, locate, and share relevant content across geographically dispersed production teams
  • enable on-air talent to interact with and control dynamic content across your studio
  • seamlessly integrate our solutions with your existing graphics workflow

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maestro powerwall bundle

present, manage, and control rich media across multiple high-res studio displays

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boost viewer engagement and your production value with cost-effective bundles

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挑战综艺后期制作极限,avid 携手东方卫视开拓中国原创综艺新时代

对剪辑师来说,工具其实都是一样,选择 avid,除了对电视台来说,稳定性必是第一要义;更重要的一点,avid 真正从整体后期制作环境去满足了用户需求 — 专业级的软件,配合专属的硬件加速,专属的存储系统,他提供的是更高效、更灵活、更具可扩展性的整体制作世爵用户注册的解决方案!

东方卫视后期总监 刘红

sic tv builds broadcast graphics factory to engage viewers and lower costs

all graphics for the led walls, lower thirds, full screen, virtual sets, or augmented reality, are integrated in the same workflow, controlled on-air, and connected to the right engine, with the same workflow.

josé lopes, director of operations and technology

thailand’s national broadcasting service (nbt) keeps pace with avid solutions

the maestro | virtual set is used in both news and program production for both recording and live broadcasting, allowing us to replicate real-world scenes within the studio.

mr. chatree seangsuk, chief of studio 2

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