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when it comes to creating memorable content, having access to high-impact workflows and the expertise of others can not only take your production further, it can help you turn around better content faster. avid offers a variety of cloud solutions for creative individuals and media teams to enable collaboration from anywhere, simplify workflow logistics, and maximize efficiency, minimizing the time, cost, and stress of competing in today's demanding media production.

avid | edit on demand

discover our cloud-based professional video editing and storage solution to quickly scale your production resources

avid nexis | cloudspaces

instantly expand your avid nexis storage to the cloud with easy backup of your on-premises avid nexis workspaces


collaborate with other pro tools users in the cloud—get started now

meeting the challenge

boost your efficiency, quality, and bottom line with a host of avid cloud services, software, and solutions that empower faster and easier audio, video, and graphics creation and delivery.

  • work on news, sports, and post-production projects from anywhere, using any device
  • break news and turn around dailies at lightning speed in the studio or on location
  • deploy multiple seats of media composer faster, easier, and more affordably
  • collaborate on music and sound projects with pro tools users around the world
  • share scores and invite anyone, anywhere, using any device to review your work
  • expand media production and access globally with cloud-based storage and archiving
  • easily park projects and back up media in the cloud

services and solutions

cloud software and mobile apps

connect and collaborate with your team, share media, and work on projects from anywhere, using any device, to accelerate a variety of editorial and media production workflows.

  • avid nexis | cloudspaces
  • mediacentral | cloud ux
  • mediacentral | cloud ux for ios and android
    media composer | cloud remote
    media composer | cloud vm

cloud-enabled applications

share files and collaborate with anyone, anywhere, using a range of cloud-enabled features and workflows in these avid applications.

avid on demand cloud services and solutions

save time and money with a groundbreaking cloud-based service that boosts editorial efficiency.

  • avid | edit on demand

    expand your post-production resources fast, whenever and wherever you need them with a full virtual production environment in the cloud—complete with cloud-optimized media composer | ultimate software and avid nexis storage.

learn more

avid partners with microsoft

learn how technology innovators are leading the media industry to the cloud

avid cloud collaboration for pro tools

work with anyone, anywhere, as if you’re in the same studio—discover how

sibelius | cloud sharing and publishing

see how easy it is to share and publish interactive scores online or on social media

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