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getting the right music or sound mix requires carefully trained ears. but in an era of high-definition sound and fast turnaround times, you also need the right tools for the job.

avid gives you the tools to set yourself apart with expert mixing capabilities. create your best sound mixes faster with the most comprehensive tools available.


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get your music played across the most popular streaming platforms

meeting the challenge

whether you’re mixing music or sound for movies and tv, avid’s suite of software and control surfaces enables you to produce your best mixes.

  • answer the call of a demanding mixing schedule and quickly access inputs, plugins, automation, shortcuts, macros, and custom tasks with the press of a button
  • maintain maximum flexibility and integrate pro tools and other popular daws, as well as media composer, with our control surfaces
  • fine-tune your mixes and set yourself apart from amateur producers with precise control over volume, panning, eq, dynamics, plugins, playback, and more
  • give clients multiple options or try new things by instantly switching to a previous mix state with revision history, undo, and console-based ultimate recall
  • get unprecedented and extensive visual feedback, enabling you to complete mixes as easily and efficiently as possible
  • create immersive multichannel surround mixes, from stereo on up to dolby atmos and ambisonics
  • connect and collaborate with other creatives and expand your mixing opportunities with the free avid link app


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nalani 和 sarina:借助 pro tools 超越俱乐部舞台

我喜欢这样一个事实:我可以制作单独的播放列表,从事 pro tools 方面的工作并以该方式在它上创作人声,或者我只需静静地为样本轨道中的一段或另一段创作,然后转到现场鼓轨道,然后再返回到样本轨道。

julian herzfeld 经理兼制片人

mixing jazz at lincoln center broadcasts for siriusxm

the s6 is able to do everything the icon can do and more. it's only enhanced my workflow. i was just commenting to my client this morning that i'm really digging this console!

rob macomber, chief engineer of music studios, jazz at lincoln center

postworks fuels expansion with pro tools | mtrx

as soon as i saw the full specs on the pro tools | mtrx with dante, i realized there was finally a pro tools interface that could provide the routing & features i required to be able to quickly reconfigure and move projects from one room to another.

phillip fuller, chief of audio, postworks new york

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